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Mexico has embarked on a mission to bring CONCACAF its first World Cup and an important aspect of that mission is the increasing strength of the Liga MX! The Mexican top division features excellent tiptap soccer and brilliant rivalries allied with excellent players and fans to give a package of awesomeness to viewers!
  • Club America

    Founded: 1916
    Stadium: Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico (105,000)
    League: Primera Division de Mexico
    Nickname: Aguilas
    Key Players: Rubens Sambueza, Oribe Peralta, Pablo Aguilar
    Trophies: Mexican Primera Division (11), CONCACAF Champion's Cup (5), Copa Mexico (5)
  • Cruz Azul

    Founded: 1927
    Stadium: Estadio Azul, Mexico City, Mexico (34,199)
    League: Liga MX
    Nickname: Los Maquina
    Key Players: Marc Crosas, Lucas Silva, Gerardo Torrado
    Trophies: Mexican Primera (8), Copa MX (3), CONCACAF Cup (6)
  • Monterrey

    Founded: 1945
    Stadium: Tecnológico, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico (38,622)
    League: Liga MX
    Nickname: Rayados (The Striped Ones)
    Key Players: Efrain Juarez, Jose Maria Basanta, Humberto Suazo
    Trophies: Mexican Primera Division (4), Mexican Cup (1)
  • Pumas UNAM

    Founded: 1954
    Stadium: Estadio Olimpico Universitario, Mexico City (67,000)
    League: Liga MX
    Nickname: Los Pumas
    Key Players: Josecarlos Van Rankin, Dario Veron, Daniel Luduena
    Trophies: Liga MX (7), Copa Mexico (1)
  • Tigres UNAL

    Founded: 1960
    Stadium: Estadio Universitario (43,000)
    League: Liga MX
    Nickname: Tigres, Felinos
    Key Players: Juninho, Gignac, Uche
    Trophies: Liga MX (5), Copa Mexico (3)
  • Toluca

    Founded: 1917
    Stadium: Nemesio Diez (22,659)
    League: Liga MX
    Nickname: Los Choriceros
    Key Players: Paulo da Silva, Lobos, Uribe
    Trophies: Liga MX (10), Copa Mexico (2)

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