Nike Brazil 3rd Jersey Black Spruce with Black Pine

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2014 Nike Brazil Alternate Jersey

Why is Brasil hot at soccer and other countries fall by the way? Why does Brasil boast of talents like Neymar, Hulk, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Oscar, Ganso, and many more? Why does Brasil have more players playing for other national teams than any other country? Oh why, oh why? Why is Brasil the cream of the soccer crop? We don?t know, we?re simply asking because Sergio keeps bothering us with these questions and so we thought we?d pose it to you! What we do know though is soccer gear and this 2014 Nike Brazil 3rd Jersey is hotness we can understand!

This 100% polyester shirt is colored Black Spruce, Black Pine, and a secret color called MA1824! We know soccer gear hotness when we see it and this one is hot like fiyah! This is one in a million out of Brazil Jerseys! It has the CBF official Brazilian crest (with the 5 stars of course) on the left side chest with the Nike swoosh on the right side chest. The 100% recycled polyester shirt bears Nike?s Dri-FIT technology and it weighs in at only 155g which means it?s paperweight! This short-sleeve raglan jersey belongs on your back for the Mundial!

If you have the answer to Sergio?s questions, please let us know, we want to shut him up! In the mean time, enjoy the hotness that is this Brazil alternate jersey! SoccerPro is your home for every piece of Brazilian awesomeness!
  • Jersey Care

    • 1
    • Turn your jersey inside out

      Before putting it into the washer - this will help protect any names, numbers or patches you have on there.

    • 2
    • Find the longest cycle with
      Pre-soak and extra rinse

      option on your washer and use that one!

    • 3
    • Wash in cold water only!

      (unless you want all of the colors of your jersey to spread everywhere!) Also, DO NOT use fabric softener when washing. It could cause those lovely patches and numbers to wrinkle!

    • 4
    • When it's finished washing you can either:
      Lay Flat or hang outside

      However, don't put it in direct sunlight or the colors will fade!

    • 5
    • Brag to your friends

      about how fresh and clean you look and feel in your jersey!

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