Nike CR7 Mercurial Lite Shin Guards Navy with Silver

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Nike Cristiano Ronaldo Mercurial Lites - Navy

You don' wear no guards? What do you mean you don' wear no guards.

Sorry... that was Sergio. His favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding and for some reason, he's been quoting it all day long. But we know you wear guards. The question is... are you wearing the right shin guards?

The Nike CR7 Mercurial Lite Shin Guards are definitely the right shin guards. Why do we know this? Because it's designed for the best: Cristiano Ronaldo. Let's break it down.

Its shell contains a low-profile design, that's both lightweight (and when we say lightweight, we mean lightweight) and comfortable. Each shin guard is designed specifically for your left and right legs with its contoured fit. And the Guard Lock sleeves help secure the shin guard to your leg without annoying straps that get in the way of your playing.

Why is Ronaldo so successful? He's fast, he's smart, and he's got all the right moves. Why is the CR7 Mercurial Lite successful? It's lightweight (which allows you to be fast), it's comfortable (which is really smart in our opinion... nothing's worse than uncomfortable guards), and it's unobtrusive (so you can focus on all the moves). Let's face it... These Nike shin guards are destined for success!
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