Nike GK Vapor Grip3 Goalkeeper Glove - White with Blue

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White Nike GK Vapor Grip3 Goalie Gloves

At SoccerPro, we know that being a goalkeeper is a tough job. So we're here to make it a little bit easier on you. With the Nike GK Vapor Grip3 goalkeeper gloves, your job has never been easier!

Goals of goalkeeping: 1) Stop the ball from going into the net. 2) Intimidate your opponent. 3) Focus on the game... not on your gear.

Well, let's talk point #2 first. In white with blue, these gloves will make you look sharp. And if you look sharp, you'll be sharp. Talk about intimidating!

Now, point #1. These Nike goalkeeper gloves are made with a 3mm super-soft latex foam. It absorbs shot impact, and it enhances grip. Oh yeah... and while we're talking about grip, the Grip3 technology has a wrapped thumb for forefinger, and pinky for optimal control. That ball ain't getting into your net any time soon!

Now for point #3. You should be focused on your game, not your gloves. These gloves are vented for cool air flow, keeping your hands comfortable all game long. Plus, the wrap around wrist band ensures the best fit possible, so no matter how much you dive, your gloves are in place.

Looks like your goals are met. Find your size in the Nike GK Vapor Grip3 Goalie Gloves today!
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