Nike USA Centennial Home Jersey 2013

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Centenary Nike USA Home Jersey - White

US soccer celebrates its centenary! Yup, 100 years of soccer in the land of the free and the home of the brave! 100 years of brilliant memories interspersed with some interesting downs, beaten but never lost! Team USA will be aiming at the World Cup in 2014 as a great way to kick off the next 100 years of the beautiful sport! Sergio believes, Big Steve believes, and every American fan should too! Twist and dance the night away, do the Dougie, go Gangnam Style, just rock out...

Of course you know this USA Home Jersey had to be a little extra special in design and all! It is made with 100% polyester which makes it really lightweight. It has a new special centenary badge. Its special colors are unique and the Dri-FIT technology from Nike will keep you nice and dry and make sure your jersey stays fresh as possible!

Celebrate with US Soccer, get into your very own Nike USA Centennial Home Jersey brought to you by the home of awesomeness and wondrous marvels, SoccerPro!
  • Jersey Care

    • 1
    • Turn your jersey inside out

      Before putting it into the washer - this will help protect any names, numbers or patches you have on there.

    • 2
    • Find the longest cycle with
      Pre-soak and extra rinse

      option on your washer and use that one!

    • 3
    • Wash in cold water only!

      (unless you want all of the colors of your jersey to spread everywhere!) Also, DO NOT use fabric softener when washing. It could cause those lovely patches and numbers to wrinkle!

    • 4
    • When it's finished washing you can either:
      Lay Flat or hang outside

      However, don't put it in direct sunlight or the colors will fade!

    • 5
    • Brag to your friends

      about how fresh and clean you look and feel in your jersey!

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