Puma V1.11 Soccer Shoes

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$40.00 - $80.00
$80.00 - $120.00
$120.00 - $170.00
$170.00 - $220.00
$220.00 - $400.00

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Puma V1.11 Soccer Shoes

Ready to race through the world of soccer, and now available at SoccerPro is the Puma v1.11 Soccer Shoes! Extended from the Puma v1.10s Soccer Shoes, the Puma V1.11's are crafted especially for speed. The Puma v1.11 is so lightweight, you don't even realize they're on, yet these Puma soccer cleats still provide the strength and support needed for a quality boot. With a flat kicking surface, UNI upper stitching technology, and a one-piece outsole designed for optimal traction, this Puma V1.11 soccer boot is revolutionizing the game of soccer. Plus, it has a great new look! Now you can get it here at alongside the all new, allworld Puma evoSPEED soccer cleats!

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