EMF match image

For anyone that does not live/breathe/sleep football, then you might think that the only soccer worth watching occurs between two teams of 11 and can only be seen on a full-sized pitch. However, the world is full of other forms of football and we here at the Center Circle have recently stumbled onto the European Minifootball Federation (EMF) and we are very excited to see how the annual European tournament looks once it swings around again in the fall.

Minifootball can occur with 5v5/6v6/or 7v7 and on a smaller footy pitch than what we typically see. The EMF has some fantastic core values and a motto that has me wishing that I lived closer to Europe so that I could be able to cover the sport closer. However, the next best thing is to bring attention to the Federation and to the sport.

So, here is the goal that was voted as the best from the 2013 tournament…if I do say so myself, it is a gorgeous goal.

We will certainly be paying attention when the 2014 tournament starts later this fall and we will hope to bring you guys more of the lesser known instances of footy in the world. If you know of any footy that you think is under-appreciated, then hit us up with some information and we would be glad to over it.


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