Mexico away back

Barely squeaking into the World Cup, Mexico fans better be relieved that their team just made it in at all. So let’s all take a collective, deep breath together……..and exhale. Okay, now lets discuss your chances at Brazil this summer. First off, Brazil is pretty much an automatic first into the knockout stage. Lets also say that Cameroon does not advance. So, that leaves the second qualifying spot up to Croatia and Mexico. The two nations play June 23rd in the final fixture of group A so all El Tri fans will have their butts glued to the couch. If they do advance, Mexico will most likely get Spain in the round of 16. All I have to say is good luck. On a happier note, Mexico has dropped their new away kit and boy, is it an awesome looking top!

This Mexico Away kit features a neat-looking design that is similar to what the Home kit entails. The red of this top glistens in the light which really highlights the jagged design throughout the front of the jersey. The V-neck collar collar will help provide you with comfort while wearing it. This top comes in retail at S89.99 ($80.99 at SoccerPro).

Mexico away jersey

Mexico away jersey close up

The jersey is made with 100% polyester which, simply put, means that it is super light. Once you feel this top it will feel like you are touching a feather. You know that Chicharito, Gio, and the rest of the Mexican squad will have no problem dealing with the warm climate of Brazil. The adidas climacool® technology will allow optimal ventilation of heat and moisture. The Mexican crest is located on the left side of the chest and is woven into the top for durability. No more worrying about a badge coming off after only a couple trips through the laundry.

Mexico away crest

adidas climacool mexico away

If you are an El Tri fan then this jersey may not look like the traditional piece of their apparel but it will be a staple for the 2014 World Cup squad. Who knows, maybe this new top can provide a much needed spark to a squad that definitely needs it!


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