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  1. Stig4
    June 6, 2014

    Barry won’t be sold for much… He’s a free agent after 30/6/2014. And sure, get rid of Richards, one of the only home-grown players that they have, which is required in CL. And still a beast on the right or in the center.

    They don’t need anything you say? I say otherwise: they NEED a central defender next to Kompany. Demichelis is getting older and sure was dependable, but in de CL he’s worthless. They NEED to strenghten their midfield again preferably with an English player, but they’re hard to come by these days. PErhaps play Milner there more in the centre.

    They DON’T need anything up front, and let me tell you, that is exactly what they’re going to buy. They’ve got Dzeko who could be a topscorer of any league, Aguero and Negredo add to them Jovetic who can be a prolific striker for any top 6 team in any league given the chance. You are correct that they should sell him (but then again I go to my first point they didn’t need Jovetic last year either, so that’s what they will be buying again this year).

    In stead of buying their players you should think that all the money they have, some youth players should be able to be top class… I’m a belgian and I’ve heard great things from Bosschaerts who is in the B-team (centre back), give him the chance to play some games in stead of some other players. Same thing happened to some other youth player of City… Sturridge rings a bell doesn’t it.

    Ow well: they’ll be buying again this year. Who said you can’t buy silverware?

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