• How Barca Got Back to Business

    Image: Reuters

    At the conclusion of the 2013-14 season, Barcelona fans must have been unsure of what this feeling of emptiness was. For years their beloved team had provided them with countless titles and trophies from Spanish and […]

  • Lifestyle Gear We Like: Nike FC

    Lifestyle Gear We Like: Nike FC

    While we may spend some of our time on The Center Circle talking about the latest jersey release to hit the market, we do occasionally stumble upon other footy-related products that really catch our eye. […]

  • Luis Suarez, 3rd Fiddle

    Luis Suarez, 3rd Fiddle

    Luis Suarez has ridden the Roller Coaster of Emotion in 2014. From being the leading goal scorer in the Premier League and leading Liverpool to the Champions League, to the infamous Giorgio Chiellini bite at […]

  • Barça, Suarez and Rebuilding

    Image: Miguel Ruiz, FCB

    Now that we’ve beaten to death all of the angles of the USMNT‘s World Cup campaign, let’s talk about club football (because it’s played with feet, you see. A side note: a person told me recently […]


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