You know what has been on our minds when it comes to the Magista ever since the boot was unveiled back in April? It has been something along the lines of ‘Magista Obra! Flyknit!’….and that is about it. So while it is pretty easy to see what has captured our attention, there are 3 other boots that make up the Nike Magista collection. The Obra is playing top dog, with the Opus, Orden and Onda rounding out the collection. Not everyone can go after the Obra, so what separates all the Magista boots from each other? How much different is the Opus from the Orden? We give you the definitive breakdown of the boots.

Nike Magista Obra

Magista Obra sideview We may as well start from the top, but there is hardly a part of the boot that has not been thoroughly examined by the eyes of the world ever since it was unveiled a few months ago. We of course have the revolutionary one piece Flyknit upper, which is designed to have a ‘sock-like’ feel about it. The Flyknit upper is also integrated with Nikeskin for protection, as well as the casual ACC finish to it as well. Oh, and there is of course that Dynamic Fit collar, which is intended to lock down the foot to make the foot, ankle and lower leg work as one single unit. Magista Obra side view alternative As for the soleplate, Nike have topped the Magista off with a wonderful outsole containing Pebax and nylon to help with traction. Light and flexible, 360 degree motion is also aided with the full conical stud configuration so making those quick turns are just that little bit easier. Magista Opus outsole

Nike Magista Opus

Magista Opus side view This is where things start to get a little bit more interesting. And for those of you who are still consoling yourselves over the discontinuation of the CTR360, pay attention right now. The Nike Magista Opus is essentially the next step for the Nike CTR360 Maestri III, so much so that Nike could almost have released it under the name ‘CTR360 Maestri IV’ and the crowds would be raving. Magista Opus side view alternative First up, we have Kanga-Lite people! Yes, the one thing that my buddy Andrew said he would miss most about the CTR360 Maestri is back on the Opus. Although to be fair, the upper looks a fair bit different this time around. A bit like the Obra, there appears to be two different materials present with the upper. While the Obra combined the powers of Flyknit and Nikeskin, the Opus has something Nike are calling ‘performance mesh’ with it, as well as Nikeskin. Magista Opus zoom in A zoomed in look at the mesh suggests it looks a little bit like an inferior Flyknit. While the performance aspect of it is unknown, we would think that it would perhaps provide a nice layer of comfort and breathability without being so thick that feel for the ball is ruined. Overall, the upper is textured to aid feel for the ball. Like the Obra, the Opus has also been finished off with ACC for the same feel for the ball in wet and dry conditions.

Nike Magista ACC

As for the soleplate, we have seen it all before. With the same Pebax soleplate and, bar one or two aesthetic differences (i.e. different coloured studs), the two soleplates for the top two Magista models are the same. There is also the price drop, with the Opus retailing for $200 over on SoccerPro. Magista Opus outsole

Nike Magista Orden

Nike Magista Orden side view The 3rd boot in the Nike Magista pecking order is the Magista Orden, the mid-tier boot that comes in with the price tag of $130. This makes the Magista Orden the most expensive mid-tier boot on the market, with the Orden being $10 more than the Hypervenom Phatal and $20 more than the adidas F30 Messi and Nike Mercurial Veloce (based on SoccerPro prices). With the Orden being $30 more than the Trequartista (the CTR360 mid-tier option), what do you get for shelling out that little bit more cash? Nike Magista Orden side view alternative First up, the Magista Orden still features a Kanga-Lite upper like the Trequartista did. But the upper of the Orden is still intertwined with Nikeskin and a mesh layer. However, the mesh layer is inferior in quality when compared to the ‘performance mesh’ on the Opus. The upper is still textured like it is on the Opus, allowing for an enhanced feel for the ball. The Orden also loses the ACC treatment that features on the two higher end models of the Magista. Nike Magista Orden top view The Orden also sees a different soleplate to the Opus. While the Opus had the Pebax outsole construction, the Orden outsole is made out of TPU, similar to the outsole construction of the Tiempo Legend V (albeit a slightly heavier version of it). The studs are also made of a directly injected TPU material, as opposed to the compressed nylon and Pebax studs on the Opus. The configuration and shape of the studs itself is the same, it is just the make of the studs that is different. Nike Magista Orden outsole

Nike Magista Onda

Nike Magista Onda side view We then come to the Onda, the low-tier option for the Magista range. While companies normally do not show too much concern for their low budget options, we can see that Nike have put a bit more effort into the Onda to make it a boot to be considered for the budget conscious amongst us. Nike Magista Onda side view alternative We lose the Kanga-Lite, mesh and Nikeskin upper, which makes way for synthetic leather. The upper itself is still textured, which allows for a grippy feel for the ball the Iniestas amongst us savour. While Nike say the textured upper allows for a decent feel for the ball, it must be noted that the synthetic leather is likely to be thicker than the Kanga-Lite and Flyknit options in the higher tiers, so do not expect absolute miracles from the Magista Onda. Nike Magista Onda top view The soleplate is still the same as it is on the Magista Orden. However, the four studs towards the front of the Instep are coloured pink on the Orden, while they are black on the Onda. We highly doubt it adds anything to your game, but the same TPU construction has been used on both boots. There is also the price that should be noted, with the Onda retailing for $75 on SoccerPro, making it the same price as the Hypervenom Phelon but $5 more than the Mercurial Victory. Nike Magista Onda outsole Summary There are definitely some major differences going on between the four boots that make up the Magista collection. To make things that little bit easier, here is a summary of what separates the major boots:

Magista table

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