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  1. Coach
    October 6, 2015

    Wow. A great article. This is exactly the issue I’m confronting with my high school boys…. wearing shin guards at trainings. Soccer players have one tiny piece of equipment that helps protect them, yet, these guys would rather look “cool” without them than to protect their shins. The only downside to wearing shin guards is the unfortunate “tan line” due to wearing your socks at full length. Bummer, a tan line. I’d rather have a tan line than a broken shin or a contusion or scrape or cut. Shin guards do not slow a player down. They don’t hinder movement. They are no burden whatsoever. I think that I will read this article to my high school boys. I look forward to reading your further parts of this series.


  2. Michael K. Jensen
    January 10, 2016

    Why is the ankle shin guards for less experienced players? (i think that is bull). I use them all the time and i been the old man out on my teams for a good many years now(last 5-7 years). The protect against being stepped on the ankle, against scrapes down the foot, it protects you when you hold someone of with you body, so you dont even have to think about it. Importantly it protects against one of the most frequent fractures, ie where the to bones in the ankle are very close, can happen when being tackled from the side and from behind, the weight difference is neglible, there is no constrains, the strap under the foot is unnoticeable on all the modern shinguards i tried. There are many more benefits to them that i could mention. Damaging ligaments down near the ankle even just slightly or in different severites, can alter how you play the game for a long time. Playing the ball away while you body is turned and you are closed down, and getting hit anywhere from high on the ankle to down on your foot,protects your ankle wrists from bruising and most importantly sprains. (All the young “kids” wear the slide ins, so that in my world means that, only experienced players use the ankle shinguards (because you know, experience!))


    • Coach
      January 10, 2016

      Great points fellow old man Jensen 😉


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