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  1. Jose
    January 6, 2014

    I personally went for the Copa. I waited for the Premier to come out before I purchased my first pair of Copa’s just so that I could make sure I made the right decision when adding an oldschool pair of shoes to my arsenal. I tried on both, and gave both a fair shake. Ultimately I ended up with the more expensive Copa. Looks never played a factor here as I wanted to end up with the best option for me. Here is what I liked and disliked about both boots. 
    The Copa: While they do weigh more, I found the leather to be of slightly higher quality. The shape of the boot did look fairly awkward but the shape disappeared when I put my foot into the boot. Also, the thicker and heavier sole plate seemed to offer more support for my plantar fasciitis. I will admit that the studs are fairly thick, but I think that this makes them more versatile as I was able to use them on turf (not recommended for the life of the boots) when needed. One advantage I would say the Copa has over the Premier is that you can purchase a pair in any sole plate needed. The Premier is only offered in the firm ground option. 

    The Premier: When going in to purchase a pair of oldschool shoes, I always envied the people who had deep enough pockets to buy a pair of boots from companies like Ryal, Cinquestelle, and Pantofola d’Oro. To me when it comes to looks, the Premier does look more traditional, but it  is also more modern than one might expect. This was one factor that went against the Premier for me. My arsenal of boots is mainly modern day K-leather boots and synthetics. So I was looking for something against what I already have. The Premier really didn’t differ enough for me from the boots that I already have. The Premier also didn’t feel more supportive than Copa because it also has a more flexible soleplate. 

    Overall I ended up with the Copa but I think most will prefer the Premier since they are used to the more modern boots on Offering. I personally would recommend each boot differently. If you want the ultimate throwback boot, then the Copa definitetly fits the bill. If you want a modern take on a classic, then Premier is better.


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