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  1. c.pe
    October 28, 2015

    i dont get the fucking hypervenom issue.
    i bought the first orange/black hypervenom phantom version. the quality was horribly as fuck. all friends from me had the shit issue with the glue from upper to sole (AG version on artificul gras). 3 weeks and the shoe was destroyed. 2xx€ wasted. on facebook you could read sporadically flames about this, nothing more. no critical article on bootspotting sites or yt channels.
    and now an big articel about football pros, that they get paid for having a full customized shoe and can play every 4weeks in brand new ones.


  2. diegOO
    November 2, 2015

    i play many boots over a season, only the pro version of any but no one in the last 15 years was that bad than the new hypervenom II ( tested phantom II and phinish) the worst one ist the phinish because of its stiffness. i tryed five times every usage more than two hours in total and it did not get smoother.

    i think that’s why so many professional players have switched.

    you can not compare the super soft hypervenpm phantom with the replacement hypervenom phinish.

    greets from germany


    • estebanch_10
      August 25, 2016

      Dude I have a question, does the hypervenom phinish are very stiff? I was thinking of buying ones but if you say they are horrible I will not buy them


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