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The Nike Hypervenom soccer cleats are built to improve soccer agility and allow for ball control and accuracy. The Hypervenom Phantom is a pro level cleat with Flyknit material for an easy and quick break-in period. The shape of the Hypervenom cleat removes unnecessary material and gets the player's foot closer to the ball. The outsole features a responsive plate for strength but it is still very light. And, the agility traction pattern on the Nike Hypervenom is designed to support lateral and medial cuts -- your agility and creative play is center stage with the Nike Hypervenom soccer footwear collection. Find the Nike Hypervenom Phantom at


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    • ReviewsGreat Cleats

      Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Leather FG Soccer Cleats - Black and Orange
      I'm an all around player for my high school team. They are a bit uncomfortable near the medial of the foot and ankles at first but they get more comfortable after you break them in. I've use them for practice and games for almost 2 1/2 months now and they haven't tore or gotten damaged much. Great cleat. Definitely recommend.

    • ReviewsHypervenom Phantom

      Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG Soccer Cleats - Crimson and Hyper Punch
      This boot is truly amazing great touch and feel,so comfortable and really cool design so i have to say by far the best cleats I've worn.

    • ReviewsGreat pair of cleats

      Nike Kids Hypervenom Phantom II FG Soccer Cleats - Silver Storm
      My son love these cleats and he said that they work really good and that it looks like they will last a long time. I recommend these cleats

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    • Frequently Asked

      • Q: What's the difference in weight between the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 & 3?
        A: The Hypervenom 3 comes in at 6.91oz, while its predecessor weighed 7.65 oz. Delivering a difference of approx. 0.74oz or 18.14g or the equivalent of eighteen US dollar bills. So not an huge difference going by the numbers but very impressive considering the additional materials in the upper.
      • Q: What's the fit like for the Hypervenom Phantom 3's?
        A: Amazing. Nike created a customizable lacing system and incorporated more Flywire all within the flexible and sturdy Flyknit we've come to know and love.
      • Q: What's the difference between the Phantom 3 DF and the Phantom 3?
        A: Aside from price, the main difference between the two is the mid-cut collar. One isn't necessarily better than the other. They have two distinct feels so it depends on personal preference since the major differences are in the heel area

Tech Specs


      If you thought the Nike Skin upper of the previous HV amplified touch, just wait until you check out the 100% Flyknit construction Nike bonded to the new rate-dependent strike zone. Nike pulled out all the stops in part by designing the Flyknit down to the pixel to make this a true finisher’s boot.

      The new strike zone incorporates 2mm thick, multi-layered, rate-dependent Poron® pods. Being rate dependent means that the scaly pods remain stiff when you hit the ball at high velocities while managing to provide a dampening effect when hitting the ball at low velocities. ‘Best of both worlds,’ you say? Brilliant.

      Did you notice that the scaly upper texture is a nod to the upper on the original Hypervenom boot launched in 2013?

    • DYNAMIC FIT (DF) Collar

      It’s back! And this time around, less is more. The DF collar we’ve come to know and love has been revamped to naturally mirror the ankle’s bone structure. It’s been dubbed the "Agility cuff," and it exists to enhance lateral stability. It turns out that prominent bones in your ankle are offset by up to 10mm which is what the HVIII is mirroring. Also, making a lateral cut tends to subject ankles to extreme angles. The agility cuff is here to help imbue wearers with the confidence to make those extreme cuts. Cut-Strike-Score and repeat with confidence (in that order).

    • Hyper-Reactive Sole Plate

      Made to provide more stability when performing aggressive cuts, the Hyper-Reactive sole plate was under development for more than 6 years. Similar to the HVII, the HVIII sole plate is made of flexible Pebax® (in the forefoot) and sturdy Nylon. Strong yet flexible, just how we like our sole plates.

    • Hyper-Reactive: AGILITY TRACTION

      Nike built upon the "split-toe" plate of the HVII through utilizing FEA. Their data informed the creation of a new "traction pattern," which is built for - lateral cuts at sharp angles. The Designer of the shoe, Dylan Van Atta said they "Leveraged hexagon studs for rotation and push-off so players could cut confidently, while incorporating sidewall chevrons for lateral and medial traction." The optimal stud configuration also enhances responsiveness. This boot is truly a impressive.


      You said, ‘customizable tightness,’ and Nike listened. They’ve added an additional 2 meters of Flywire (3 vs. 1 meter in previous HVII) and a new loop lacing system.

      The lateral lacing system is made of floating channels that can be adjusted to your preference. Translation: players can fine-tune the fit at each loop for a more precise lock down feel with the added bonus of more support during lateral cuts. The two additional meters of Flywire helps provide lightweight lateral stability . The Flyknit means that being locked down is also comfy.

The History

  • Hypervenom I
  • Hypervenom I - (Released May, 2013)

    Debuted on June 2, 2013 in the Brazil vs. England match on the feet of Neymar and Wayne Rooney. The game ended 2-2 with Rooney putting up the better stats with one goal and one assist.

    The original Hypervenom Phantom upper was created using a (new at the time) NIKESKIN system. This system featured a supple mesh with a thin (PU) film and was finished off with Nike's (ACC) technology. At the time, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom's last was new and the most anatomical last they'd produced. Oh and the chassis? Glad you asked. The outsole's chassis featured a compressed nylon which was said to make it stronger and lighter. Speaking of stud configuration... the length of the studs were strategically designed in such a way that enabled faster ground penetration and release, which I'm sure is appreciated by those agility players.

    All in all, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom was a successful divergence from the norm and has since evolved (only after regressing) but like Nike, I too digress.

  • Hypervenom II
  • Hypervenom II - (Released May, 2015)

    Hypervenom II is designed for attacking players who are deceptive by nature on the pitch - capable of moves in any direction and usually making the one their opponent least expects. The boot had to be crafted to support those kinds of movements, all while delivering a strong sense of style.

    To achieve the level of anatomical synergy the team envisioned, Nike Flywire is strategically mapped into Hypervenom II with additional siping added in heavy ball-contact areas for enhanced touch.

    The Flywire is integrated into a responsive loft mesh of varying density levels, a departure from the uniformly dimpled upper of the original Hypervenom.

    These were the first of many enhancements developed throughout the design process. Ultimately, every component of the original Hypervenom evolved into something better for Hypervenom II.

  • Hypervenom II
  • Nike Hypervenom II (Nike Skin I) - Released May 2016

    The Spark Brilliance Pack also marked the return of the original Hypervenom I NikeSkin upper on the HyperVenom II silhouette.

    "The upper of the Hypervenom II takes a bit longer to break-in than the Hypervenom I," says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. "We provide new boots to our professional players so frequently that we shifted to the Hypervenom I material to ease the break-in period. We want all players to have what the best players in the world are wearing, so we are bringing the Hypervenom I upper back," he concludes.

    The Hypervenom also features a new foot last, removing excess materials to place the foot closer to the ground and ball. It is Nike’s most anatomical last to date.

    Nike worked with some of the world’s top podiatrists to create a decoupled outsole that increases the player’s ability to make that important first step away from the defender. A groove in the forefoot helps to quickly activate the first metatarsal, the bone that defines reaction time of the foot’s first movement.

    The chassis of the outsole features compressed nylon for a high-response plate that helps deliver strength while being incredibly light.

    The stud configuration and length is designed to allow for faster penetration of the surface, and ultimately a quicker release – all innovations designed to help players create space faster than ever before.

    "This is foot-informed design at its finest. All of the linear angles on the boot align with the natural flex of the foot. The Flywire powers a lockdown system that prevents the foot from sliding within the boot. We didn’t design a boot that works for the foot, but rather with the foot." – Nathan VanHook

  • Hypervenom III
  • Nike Hypervenom III - Released February 2017

    The new Hypervenom III shows that Nike is staying true to their Mission; they've truly created an inspiringly innovative Soccer cleat. This new addition to Nike's boot collection is filled to the brim with new game-changing updates. The Hypervenom III shows that Nike is again raising the bar to the upper limits.

    The new "Hyper-Reactive" Sole Plate was under development for 6 years.. that's right, 6 years! According to Max Blau, VP of Nike Football Footwear, Nike "Crafted over 200 prototypes before achieving just the right balance for what players are trying to achieve." It's being dubbed "the ultimate finisher's boot," and for good reason.

    All good finishers rely on, among other things, lateral stability. Keeping that in mind, Nike offset the Dynamic Fit Collar by 10mm to account for the offset of prominent bones in the ankle. Smart right?

    Also, the Hypervenom III DF FG features an entirely revamped upper that has a textured upper reminiscent of the scaly upper of the OG HV I from 2013. This scaly, snake-like texture is actually a series of multi-layered Poron foam pods that are integrated into the Flyknit upper.

    Why you should care: Being "rate dependent," the pods create a dampening touch at a low velocity of contact while remaining firm during a high velocity ball strike. In essence, the pods help disperse the energy and take some of the brunt out of impacts while remaining flexible, thin, incredibly comfortable, and notably lightweight.

    Notably lightweight, indeed. It's 17% lighter than its predecessor and comes in weighing 196g or 6.91oz, which is less than the "Speed" boot, Superfly V. Granted, the Superfly V's soleplate is anatomical and was built for acceleration and traction. Nike used FEA data to determine the best stud pattern for lateral and medial traction for the Hypervenom III which leverages hexagonal studs and sidewall chevrons The Nike Grip sockliner is incorporated to help round out the internal traction.

    Speaking of being incredibly comfortable, did we mention these are incredibly comfy? The Hypervenom III's upper features a Flyknit construction, and for good reason. According to its designer, Dylan Van Atta "We wanted a softened, flexible upper on Hypervenom 3 and knew Flyknit was the best way to achieve this. By designing down to the pixel, we're able to bond the texture only where necessary to keep it supple for comfort and touch."

    Nike understands that what's comfortable for you may not be the same for someone else. This is why they decided to increase the Flywire cables from 1 to 3 meters (previous Hypervenom only utilized 1 meter). They also created a new lateral lacing system that consists of floating channels that can be adjusted to suit the preferences of the wearer.

    Overall, Nike has created a unique offering that definitely outlines their sharp focus on the 'cut and strike' style of play that seems to define the ultimate finishers boot.



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