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Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

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Nike Floodlights Pack

About Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Best for natural grass soccer fields and some field turf surfaces. You may see them also listed as "FG" soccer shoes. Our featured products include stuff from Nike, adidas, Puma and New Balance. All designed to keep you at the top of your game.

Typically, a player will evaluate a firm ground cleat based on the upper material and design and the cleat pattern. The "Upper" is the top of the shoe and is made of either a synthetic material or from leather. Many manufacturers will cater the Upper to the type of player using the shoe. This includes:

• weight of the shoe
• enhancements to the soccer shoe to promote better
touch, control or power for the soccer player.

The cleat of the shoe provides the necessary traction while running in a soccer practice or game. Most cleats are either a conical or bladed shape. Each one has its advantages in how it provides grip and leverage when running and cutting from side-to-side. It is recommended to find a cleat pattern that feels best on your foot and reduces any uncomfortable pressure points. For younger players, a rubber outsole (cleat) is recommended because it is a softer material and will still provide the necessary traction.

adidas Releases Vibrant Speed of Light Pack
When the competition gets heated and you need to stand out, you can go to the new adidas Speed of Light Pack for cleats that are both innovative and stylish. In a beautifully bright red, blue, and yellow, the Speed of Light Purechaos, Pureagility, and Purecontrol will certainly catch eyeballs -- and that's before you begin to show off your skills in them.

Fortunately for all types of players out there, adidas have designed their shoes with different themes in mind. Purechaos for chaos-creators like Gareth Bale, Purecontrol for match-controllers like Paul Pogba, and Pureagility for agile chance-makers like the one and only Leo Messi. Make sure you head over to our blog to see more about adidas' revolutionary Speed of Light... read the rest!
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