Methods For Teaching Attacking Soccer - DVD

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Methods For Teaching Attacking Soccer  DVD
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Methods For Teaching Attacking Soccer

This video is all about methods for teaching a soccer team to successfully attack resulting in more goals. There are three parts to this video. Part one is Coaching in the Game Methodology. This part teaches a coach how to train his team using 6v6 small sided games. It goes through positioning and movements and anything else that the team must do to achieve successful attacking strategies.

Part two is Progressive Soccer Methodology. This is all about the possession mindset that slowly transitions from very small sided games all the way to full field action with goals and goalies.

The third part is small sided soccer games to teach tactics. In this section the coach learns how to teach free-flowing movement and implement realistic game-type settings. And the coach learns how to teach the principles of attack: width, depth, mobility, and penetration.
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