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Nike Casual Wear

Nike soccer apparel, Nike soccer jackets, soccer sweatshirts, soccer hats

Great Nike shirts and sweatshirts for soccer players or just for casual wear for any occasion.
  • Nike Soccer T-Shirt
    Nike Soccer T-Shirt

    The best of Nike soccer T-Shirts available here, these include shirts from Man City, Cristiano Ronaldo, Team USA and many more!
  • Nike Soccer Pants
    Nike Soccer Pants

    A host of casual Nike soccer pants available for a quick park kid-about or a serious backyard game!
  • Nike Soccer Shorts
    Nike Soccer Shorts

    All kinds of Nike soccer shorts available in a host of designs, sizes, colors and materials for everyone whether men or women, kids or adults!
  • Nike Soccer Jacket
    Nike Soccer Jacket

    Stay looking stylish with the best soccer jackets from Nike covering your favorite clubs and national sides as well as jackets from CR7 and many more!