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Nike FC247 Collection

Nike FC247 Soccer Shoes
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Nike FC247 Collection

It’s really simple, no fuss...anytime, anywhere! Lace up, play! That’s what Nike FC247 was about, that’s what Nike FC247 is about! With great silos like the Nike Bombas, the Nike Gatos, the Elasticos, and others, these are the quintessential awesome soccer shoes! They look good, they offer excellence in quality, they are light years ahead anything else and they are all about the beautiful game, these shoes are truly next level stuff, step your game up to the proximo level! Do it now!

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Nike Lunargato II Indoor Review
With new releases coming up from Nike that will “remix” their indoor and turf lines, it is easy to overlook the Nike Lunargato II which offers a great indoor boot but also offers a great price. Not only does the Lunargato II act as an indoor shoe but is fashionable enough to act as a street shoe. Made of extremely comfortable quality goat leather, the Lunargato II has become somewhat of an “old-fashioned” leather boot. The upper features Hyperfuse from the midfoot to the heel. If you are someone who is looking for a great indoor shoe but aren’t looking to pay $150, then the Nike Lunargato is for you. You won’t be disappointed... [read the rest!]