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Warrior Liverpool Long Sleeve Home Jersey 2013-2014

Condition: New   Part #: WSTM301 HRD by Warrior
Warrior Liverpool Long Sleeve Home Jersey 2013-2014
MSRP:  $84.99
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Warrior Liverpool L/S Home Jerseys - 2013/14

We all know that the middle of the EPL season is played during the winter months where the average temperatures between November and March is less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit! That is pretty darn cold if you ask us. With those temperatures, sometimes it will snow, rain, or even sleet during soccer games and they never call games. I promise there is a reason I am giving you a weather report. When the temperatures are like this, a lot of the players will wear the long sleeve jerseys, which are so much cooler (as in like hip) than short sleeve jerseys.

Without further adieu my point will emerge... As a Liverpool fan you need to get the Warrior Liverpool Long Sleeve Home Jersey to cheer on the mighty reds at Anfield! This jersey is the traditional all red with the famous Liverpool badge on the left chest. This jersey won't keep you as warm as a coat, but it will definitely make you think its warmer while you are cheering!

Don't wait until the winter months hit. Get the Warrior Liverpool Long Sleeve Home Jersey now so you are well prepared in case winter comes early! Find your size among our selection of Liverpool soccer jerseys.
  • Jersey Care

    • 1
    • Turn your jersey inside out

      Before putting it into the washer - this will help protect any names, numbers or patches you have on there.

    • 2
    • Find the longest cycle with
      Pre-soak and extra rinse

      option on your washer and use that one!

    • 3
    • Wash in cold water only!

      (unless you want all of the colors of your jersey to spread everywhere!) Also, DO NOT use fabric softener when washing. It could cause those lovely patches and numbers to wrinkle!

    • 4
    • When it's finished washing you can either:
      Lay Flat or hang outside

      However, don't put it in direct sunlight or the colors will fade!

    • 5
    • Brag to your friends

      about how fresh and clean you look and feel in your jersey!

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