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Euro Championships

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Some have called it the hardest tournament to win in international soccer. The Euros are no joke. It will be interesting to see what the expanded format brings as the tournament has grown from 16 to 24 teams but the party promises to be fun! As the French hosted the 2016 version, the biggest and best sides in the old continent got together to bump heads. We were all watching with eagerness supporting great teams playing some beautiful footie. Get the gear for your fave sides from SoccerPro!

Defending European Champions: Spain
Most Euro Titles: Germany & Spain (3)

Some Fave Jerseys:
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Players to Watch at the Euros
There’s so much talent every four years at the European Championships. At France 2016, you saw high-flying attackers, silky passing midfielders, and whip-smart defenders. Go ahead and sign us up for any tournament that features names like Pogba, Bale, Ozil, and Zlatan.

We discuss those four and more as players to watch at this year’s Euros. Each group is full of young talents and veteran stars that will make a heavy impact on the outcome of this tournament. [read the rest!]