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adidas Premium Soccer Ball

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Premium Match Soccer Balls by adidasadidas soccer balls are consistently used in the highest professional level soccer tournaments. From the 2014 Official World Cup Match Ball, the UEFA Euro Championships and Major League Soccer, the adidas soccer ball provides the highest quality soccer ball in the world. Find all the premium adidas soccer balls like the new adidas Brazuca Ball at

adidas Euro 2016 Official Match Ball Review (Beau Jeu)

No matter where you stand on the match ball debate between Nike and adidas, you can’t help but stand back and admire the EURO 2016 official match ball, the Beau Jeu. Taking its design inspiration from the extremely popular 2014 World Cup match ball, the Brazuca, Beau Jeu simply translates to “Play Beautiful” in French, perfect for the style of play that will be taking place in France this summer. One change to the upper is the replacement of the diamond shaped dimple pattern that was found on the Brazuca, is now a checkerboard pattern that is small, but also changes how the ball performs. The ball will be consistent, durable, and beautiful in flight.

Most players who prefer and want the touch and feel of a premium match ball will not only appreciate the Beau Jeu, but also will enjoy every single touch and strike they are able to perform with the Beau Jeu by their feet. This ball will be flying across stadiums around France this summer and will go down as one of the best looking match balls of the past few seasons. If you want to pick up the Beau Jeu, don’t wait until the summer is over, play with style now… read the rest!