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New Balance® Tekela Cleats

  • New Balance Tekela v4 Pro FG – Headline Taker
    New Balance Tekela v4 Pro FG – Headline Taker Sale! $202.49 msrp $224.99
  • New Balance Tekela v4 Pro FG – Blackout
    New Balance Tekela v4 Pro FG – Blackout Sale! $202.49 msrp $224.99
  • New Balance Tekela v3 Trainer – Black
    New Balance Tekela v3 Trainer – Black Sale! $64.99 msrp $129.99

Showing all 3 results

Tekela V2: Exceptional 360 Degree Traction

The conical studs on the Tekela V2 provide excellent 360-degree traction. If you’ve spent any time at all on a soccer pitch, you know the game requires you to sprint forward, backpedal, change direction, and stop on a dime. Put simply, these cleats are engineered to provide maximum agility for any position on the field. Keep your footing and lead your squad to victory.

Lockdown Fit

Fit matters when it comes to any footwear, but it’s of particular importance when it comes to cleats. Heel slippage can cause annoying blisters, and may even lead to a serious injury. The New Balance Tekela Pro is specially engineered to provide a snug, lockdown fit. This will help your cleat feel like an extension of your body, and keep your feet feeling amazing while you focus on the game.

Superior Ball Touch

Improving traction is probably the most important thing a pair of cleats do. That being said, when you’re dribbling through the defense, lining up a pass, or winding up for a shot, you need a natural, responsive touch. Tekela 2.0 cleats feature a microfiber upper that provides a consistent feel that will help improve your ball-handling and shot accuracy. Pair this with a lockdown fit, and these cleats will sometimes feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Breathable and lightweight, you’ll feel light on your toes, cool, and dry, as you show off your skills on the pitch.

Enjoy Fast Shipping & Free Returns

At, you’ll find the Tekela line, as well as the popular New Balance Furon and New Balance Visaro. Our return policy makes it easy to try on different pairs of cleats without spending an arm and a leg. Order the newest Tekela soccer boots and try them on at home. If they don’t fit exactly like you want, send them back within 90 days, and we’ll ship you another design of your choosing. Find the right cleats, and make this season one to remember.