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Nike Premium Soccer Ball

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Nike Ordem Soccer Ball

Use the Nike premium ball seen on TV by the English Premier League and the US National Team. The Nike Ordem premium level ball is designed for professional level and highly competitive players that rely on accuracy and power in their soccer game. Find all of the pro level Nike soccer balls at

Nike Ordem 3 Review

Nike is no stranger to releasing top quality match balls, and the Ordem 3 is no exception. Nike have made a few slight changes from the previous Ordem model with the ball not being as padded as in years past. The ball will deflate a little after your session is over but that is what match balls do to avoid any unnecessary stress to the ball or airbladder itself. If it is cold outside, make sure you bring along an air pump with you so that you can keep on kicking. The way the ball performs is magnificent. It is as true as anyone could ever want in a match ball. We at SoccerPro think it doesn’t get much better than the Ordem 3! The Ordem 3 is used by some of the top leagues around the world and once you have one at your feet, you’ll see why it has such high praise… [read the full article!]