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He’s one of Portugal’s biggest shining stars and destined for football greatness wherever he goes. Diogo Jota has emerged to the ranks of football stardom after his move to Liverpool and is showing no signs of slowing down. Shop Jota’s Liverpool jersey or Portugal Jersey and be ready for a historic season!

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Diogo Jota

He’s quickly emerged as one of Portugal’s biggest stars and is proving that he is a force to be reckoned with every time he hits pitch. Known for his relentless speed and bold playmaking on the pitch, Jota made his professional debut as a teenager, making his way to some of the biggest clubs in the game.

After leaving Portugal, Jota made his way to one of La Liga’s most infamous clubs, Atletico Madrid. During his time at Atletico Madrid, Jota was loaned to both Porto and Wolverhampton to up his game. After his success at Wolverhampton, Jota made the official move to the side and cemented his spot in the starting XI for the club. However, his great success at Wolves definitely did not go unnoticed as he made headlines and garnered the attention of clubs across the globe.

One of the clubs that heavily scouted Jota made their move and signed him in 2020. After signing with Liverpool, Jota quickly made his way into the Starting XI and has scored a multiple goals and even dishing out some pretty sweet assists. During his time with the club he’s appeared in the Champions League, helping the squad make it out of the group stages and even qualify for the league.

Jota’s time at Liverpool has been wildly successful, so successful that he’s earned several call ups from Portugal. During his time with Portugal’s national team he’s netted several goals and been a centerpiece along side Cristiano Ronaldo.

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