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The face of football is changing and it all starts with teenage football icon Pedri. He is one of the most creative and speediest players in the game, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He’s flipped the football world on its head at Barcelona and proving that a new generation of football is finally here. Shop his Barcelona Jersey and Spain Jersey today!

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Pedri Soccer Jerseys

A new wave of football is finally here. Proving that the game has been constantly evolving, a young superstar named Pedri has entered the chat. Becoming one of Barcelona’s brightest stars, Pedri has quickly becoming a staple in the world of football. Known for his speeds, gritty attitude, and bold creativity, he’s proven time after time that he is the future of football. It’s no coincidence that he is regarded as one of football’s shining stars, but he definitely is shining the brightest.

While the young superstar started his career at Las Palmas, he didn’t make it too long before Barca realized that this teenager is going to be one of the greatest to ever touch a football pitch. Signing one of the biggest contracts in Barcelona’s history means this guy has to be doing something right. His presence in the midfield has become a huge part of Barcelona’s attack and cemented his spot as one of the club’s regulars to hit the pitch. Scoring a handful of goals and dishing out some of the sweetest assists means that Pedri isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pedri’s success doesn’t just stop at the club level. After signing with Barcelona in 2020, the Spanish national team realized that this kid could bring Spain back to football glory. After helping the squad qualify for the 2022 tournament in Qatar, he was called up to represent his home nation in the 2020 Euros. Becoming the youngest player to ever play for Spain in the Euros, Pedri proved that his brilliance is everlasting, even taking home the Young Player of the Tournament title (the only spanish player to make a tournament team in 2020).

Shop Pedri’s Barcelona Jersey or Spain Jersey and be geared up to give him all your undying love this season!

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