2022/23 adidas Arsenal 3rd Authentic Jersey

Part # HF0710-1 by adidas


2022/2023 Arsenal 3rd Authentic Jersey

Where the past meets the future. Arsenal is one of the most iconic clubs to grace the world soccer stage and this year's third jersey is inspired by the club's iconic crests. The club's iconic Gunnar crest has experienced few iterations that have constantly brought the look of the club into the future. The ermine, which graced many of the previous crest for Arsenal is now making its resurgence on this year's third jersey. A Clear Pink jersey features an ermine pattern that spans the entire jersey in an homage to the club's royal crest from the 1950s, bringing a piece of history into the future of the club. The new third jersey for Arsenal features a regal look that has been designed for the world's greatest players. The latest jersey features the latest technology to keep you and the players cool and comfortable. Cooling HEAT.RDY has been engineered into the jersey wick sweat from your body to keep you cool and dry during the toughest moments of the game. Mesh underarm panels pair with the technology of this jersey to ensure this jersey is more breathable and comfortable than ever. This authentic jersey is the same jersey the players will be wearing on the field this season and is home to a regular fit to keep both you and the players ready for anything the game brings at you. Grab your favorite clubs and federations licensed soccer jerseys and gear up for the 2022/2023 season today!

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