2022/23 adidas Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Home Authentic Jersey

Part # H13889RON by adidas

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Authentic 2022/2023 Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester Home Jersey

He's the most powerful player in the world and is back at the club that changed his career. Celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo in this Manchester United jersey and prove you're his biggest fan. The G.O.A.T. of football will be rocking this jersey for Manchester United at home all season long. The 2022/2023 Manchester United Home jersey features the iconic red jersey that we have seen on many Manchester United jerseys of the past. A sweet new collar features a geometric print that is homage to United's jerseys in the '90s. This white collar pairs with white details on the red jersey to give you a sleek and bold look just like Cristiano Ronaldo. This stylish Cristiano Ronaldo jersey not only looks sweet, but feels amazing wherever you wear it. A 100% recycled polyester material makes up the jersey that offers a light weight and comfortable fit. HEAT.RDY technology is designed into the fibers of the jersey and targets the most heat sensitive areas of your body to keep you cool and dry when the game needs it the most. Mesh panel inserts on the sides of the jersey offer a more breathable and relaxed fit so supporting Ronaldo and United is always comfortable. This sweet authentic jersey is the same style and fit that Ronaldo will be rocking on the field this season, so you don't want to miss it. Grab the best jersey for the best player in the world today!

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