2022 adidas Germany L/S Home Jersey

Part # HF1475-1 by adidas

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2022 Longsleeve Germany Home Jersey

Unleash the power of one of the most iconic federations in the beautiful game with this Germany Soccer Jersey! Home to some of the most legendary players to ever play the beautiful game, Germany is back in the World Cup looking to bring glory back to the home land. After a trophy lifting dry spell, the Germans are hungrier for glory than ever. The 2022 Germany Home Jersey has been inspired by the bold race car stripes that have graced German streets and defined the iconic autobahn for years. A bold black stripe runs down the center of the sleek white jersey that mimics that bold race car stripes we've come to know and love. Designed to capture the world's attention at the highest speeds the game brings you, this powerful design grows stronger when the team stands shoulder to shoulder as one. To top off the super sweet look, gold details are found throughout the jersey, but more specifically on the back neck sign off with the Deutschland signature look. If you're looking for a powerful look that keeps you comfortable in the cold winter months while your soccer heroes are in Qatar, this jersey is for you. A long sleeve design adds an extra level of warmth when you're supporting the Deutsch during the chilly months of the World Cup. AEROREADY technology keeps moisture away from your body and makes sure you have the best jersey feeling during the toughest moments of the match. Even when it's cold out, you have to make sure that you don't over heat and the players in Qatar certainly don't want that either. Mesh panel inserts on the sides of the jersey ensure that you have a more breathable and comfortable jersey feeling when the game demands it the most. Designed with a lightweight recycled polyester fabric, this jersey offers you supreme comfort even when the game's at its crazies moments. Show your support for Germany and players like Antonio Rudiger on their hunt for glory this World Cup!

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