2022 Kids Nike USWNT Home Jersey

Part # DN0848 102-1 by Nike


Kids 2022 USWNT Home Jersey

Show your love for one of women's soccer's most prolific teams with the latest USWNT soccer jersey! Destined for even more soccer greatness, the USWNT are going into the 2022 international season going for glory. Taking inspiration from a piece of iconic American culture, the 2022 USWNT Home jersey sports a bold new look that'll make you feel and look as legendary as the team itself. Football, American football that is, serves as the inspiration, but with a better and more iconic looking fit. This bold new white jersey offers that bright and sleek look that easily adds the most perfect details to the jersey. In the center we see the USA soccer crest sitting in the center of the jersey, that mirrors the look of those iconic American football jerseys we have come to know and love. On the sleeves we see blue and red bands on the sleeves that offer that football jersey look that we have become so familiar with. The neckline of the jersey features a bold blue block of color that adds that perfect subtle detail to the sweet new USA jersey. Unleashing your relentless love and support for the USWNT has never looked or felt so good! The 2022 USWNT Home Jersey is designed with some of the world's greatest technology from Nike to ensure that even the youngest fans of the game can support their favorite team with ease. A lightweight and durable jersey material developed with 100% recycled polyester fibers offers you a more comfortable fit while taking on the stress of the beautiful game. Within the fibers of the fabric, Nike's signature Dri-FIT technology works to move sweat away from your body and wick away moisture for a more stress free and dynamic jersey fit. Whether you're at home supporting Lindsey Horan or at school repping your favorite team this super comfortable jersey is perfect for even the game's youngest fans. Now that you have the best jersey for this season, complete the look with our selection of youth soccer apparel today!

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