2022 Nike USA Away Match Jersey

Part # DN0637 453-1 by Nike

$84.99 msrp $169.99

2022 USA Away Match Jersey

Bold. Iconic. Legendary. Just like the USMNT, the new USA soccer jersey offers a bold new look that'll take them to the top this winter. After an 8 year absence from the game's biggest tournament, the USMNT is back on top and looking to secure their place in the history books this winter. What better way to support your favorite players and team on their quest for glory than with the latest and most revolutionary jersey to date! Each jersey is just as unique as the last with an iced dye look that is both bold and iconic perfect for some of your favorite American players. A bold bright blue jersey catches not only the attention of the USA's opponents but of every person you walk by. Throughout this bright blue jersey is a brand new pattern and look unlike anything we have ever seen on a USA jersey before. In a dark color, this pattern pairs perfectly across the jersey so you can be the boldest and most legendary USMNT supporter in the world. If you're wanting to rock the same jersey design that your favorite players are going to rock on the field this season, this match jersey is definitely the jersey for you. Designed with some of the most elite jersey technology in the game, you'll be feeling like the most elite USA fan in the globe. This jersey has been engineered with 100% recycled polyester fibers that give you a lightweight and comfortable feeling when you're screaming at the top of your lungs. Nike's Dri.FIT ADV technology is designed into the jersey with a raised pattern that works to keep you cool and dry with the most breathable feeling yet. A dynamic fit jersey gives you that fit and feeling like you're one of the players out on the pitch during the tournament! Still looking for all the essentials for this season? Shop our selection of licensed soccer jerseys and get the perfect fit!

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