2022 Nike USA L/S Home Jersey

Part # DN0673 101-1 by Nike

$54.99 msrp $109.99

Longsleeve 2022 USA Home Jersey

Get your hands on the latest USA Soccer jersey and have everyone around you screaming "USA, USA, USA"! The 2022 USA Home jersey is destined to be one of the greatest and most legendary jerseys on the pitch this season. Inspired by the history and culture of one of the country's biggest sports, American football, the latest jersey takes on a whole new look that is perfect for the legendary country. This white jersey offers you the most bold and powerful look that is perfect for the USA to bring home that coveted title this season. In an homage to football, the USA soccer crest sits in the center of the jersey just like the traditional football jerseys we have come to know and love today. Red and blue cuffs on the sleeves offer that extra pop of color and detailing that this new USA jersey needs to be legendary. Even better, this long sleeve jersey design gives you everything you love with a warm and sweet design. Want to support the USA but stay warm during one of the game's biggest tournaments this winter? This long sleeve jersey gives you all that warmth and comfort you need to be the country's biggest fan this season! Engineered with the latest in jersey technology, this jersey is the perfect way to scream at the top of your lungs and feel good doing it. Nike's Dri-FIT technology has been engineered into the jersey to make sure sweat moves away from your skin to quickly evaporate. This sweet technology ensures that you stay dry and comfortable when the game needs it the most. Designed with 100% recycled polyester fibers, this jersey is both lightweight and comfortable and perfect for you to support the USA all season! Still shopping for the perfect jersey for this season? Shop our selection of licensed soccer jerseys and get the perfect jersey for this season!

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