2022 Womens Nike Brazil Home Jersey

Part # DN0756 740-1 by Nike

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Women's 2022 Brazil Home Jersey

Get ready for one of the biggest tournaments in the game in the all new Brazil Soccer Jersey! Home to a look that is both a classic and modern look, you'll prove that Brazil is going for the glory this season. The 2022 Brazil Home jersey is designed with the classic yellow Brazil jersey that is arguably the most iconic jersey to ever hit the pitch. Sitting on top of this bold yellow jersey is a sleek pattern that is inspired by the powerful amazonian jaguar. Paired perfectly with the jersey are the details that are found on the collar and the sleeves. Green spark and paramount blue complete these details to pay homage to the Brazilian flag. One final detail, the green stars, sit above the jersey's crest to remind the world of the five world titles that the nation have taken home in the modern era. If you're looking for the perfect jersey to show the world you're Brazil's biggest fan, but still remain comfortable, this is the jersey for you. Designed with some of the latest in jersey technology from Nike, the 2022 Brazil home jersey is designed to give fans the most comfort ever. Dri-FIT technology works to wick away sweat and moisture from your body to keep you cool and dry, even during the toughest moments of the tournament this winter. A 100% recycled polyester fiber jersey gives you a more breathable jersey feeling so you can support Brazil with ease. A women's cut jersey works to give you that dynamic feeling you need to be the most relentless supporter in the game. Now that you have the perfect jersey, make sure you have all the essentials to support Brazil this season. Shop our selection of soccer shirts and soccer pants to make sure you're comfortable and geared up for greatness today!

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