adidas 4DFWD vs Predator Running Shoes – Al Rihla Pack

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Al Rihla Pack 4DFWD vs Predator Running Shoes

Whether you're hitting the stadium or chilling at home, these adidas shoes are the perfect way to gear up for the world's biggest tournament. Being football's biggest fan means that you need all the gear to make you look and feel like you know all your stuff. These running shoes from the Al Rihla pack offer you that cool look, while making sure your squad knows that you're football's biggest fan. Home to a white base, the shoes take details and football to a whole new level. Just like the boots in the Al Rihla pack, these running shoes features a multicolor pattern that sits on top of the shoes, pairing perfectly with that clean white upper. A clean blue and high vis midsole top off the look and pairs perfectly with the bold white and multicolor upper. Be ready for the tournament this season with a pair of running shoes designed to bring your and your favorite players across the finish line. If you're looking for running shoes that are precisely coded to improve performance and make you lighter on your feet, these 4DFWD Predator Running Shoes are for you. Running is all about momentum, these high quality running shoes are designed to push you forward and make it that much easier. Starting off on the upper, adidas' signature PRIMEKNIT design hugs your foot and makes sure that you have a breathable yet super comfortable fit when you lace up and take off. A 3D printed 4D midsole has been designed to propel you forward even on the toughest runs. With every single stride, this 4DFWD lattice midsole compresses forward and transforms your impact energy into unstoppable forward motion. The result of this high tech midsole is a feeling of gliding across the surface rather than the constant stop and go pounding on pavement you typically feel. Don't walk, run and get these super sweet new running shoes! Now that you have the perfect pair of shoes for this season, pair them with a licensed soccer jersey and be ready to be the most undeniable football supporter ever!

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