adidas ACE 16.1 FG – Black/Solar Green

Part # AF5082 by adidas

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adidas ACE 16.1 FG Soccer Cleats - Black

If there was ever a soccer shoe that could read minds it would be this one. The Adidas ACE 16.1 FG Soccer Cleats are one of the smartest shoes on the market. Adidas did not hold back when they made this masterpiece. These shoes take all of Adidas' great technology and combine it to form a deadly weapon. Luckily this shoe was not only blessed with intelligence but good looks too. What can we say, this shoe has it all!
There are good shoes, there are great shoes, and then there is the Adidas ACE 16.1. These shoes have set themselves on a pedestal and we don't see them coming down from that pedestal anytime soon. They are truly spectacular. The design is what will catch your attention first. It is very unique but with the black color base, it makes it seem more natural. The shock pink really stands out against the black color. Don't worry, they didn't forget about your comfort. These shoes will work with your feet to create beautiful art on the pitch. Purchase them today and see how far they can take you!
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Super-light, super-soft engineered 3D Control Skin upper


Control the ball in all conditions with NON STOP GRIP (NSG), a thin layer of raised dots applied to the upper that keeps the ball glued to your feet


Provides rock-solid stability at high speeds with its extremely lightweight SPRINTFRAME outsole


Move with high-speed control and stability on firm ground (third- and fourth-generation artificial grass) with the TOTAL CONTROL stud alignment

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