adidas ACE 16 TKRZ Soccer Shoes – Solar Green

Part # AF4083 by adidas

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adidas ACE 16+ TKRZ Soccer Cleats

All your problems on the field will disappear once you put on these beauties. The adidas ACE 16+ TKRZ Soccer Cleats are the past, present, and future of soccer. These shoes are incredible. Adidas definitely took their time with these shoes. The list of awesome technological features that this shoe has to offer are endless. One thing is for sure. These shoes will help your game and your style, all while keeping you comfortable.
The design of these shoes is breathtaking. From far away they may seem like your traditional adidas soccer shoe, but get closer and you will see they are much more than that. The highly abrasion-resistant upper of this shoe will keep them in great condition while also giving you excellent ball control and touch. The compression tongue will give you a snug and comfortable fit. On the bottom of the shoe is where the magic happens. The Hybrid TKRZ outsole is designed to be light weight and low-to-the ground to give you optimized traction and agility on artificial grass surfaces. So why wait any longer? Don't these shoes sound amazing? That is cause they are! Get your pair today!
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Truer touch and a purer ball connection through a forefoot skin layer. The 360′ TKRZ was designed specifically for cage football and lets you boss your kingdom with complete control.


Ultimate traction & perfect control when bossing your turf provided by this innovative outsole design.


The TKRZ compression tongue provides a snug fit for your foot so you can boss with stability and comfort.

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