adidas ACE 2-Face Goalkeeper Gloves – White/Black

Part # BS4118 by adidas

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adidas ACE 2-Face Goalkeeper Gloves - White & Black

adidas ACE 2-Face Goalkeeper Gloves - White & Black
Adidas has long developed a reputation for putting the best technology not just in, but on goalkeepers hands. The adidas ACE 2-Face Goalkeeper Gloves are no exception! After consulting with their top pros preferences, these are the next in a line of excellent goalkeeper gloves. Keep the game in you hands, and try these on for size!

The unique look of these gloves is immediately striking. On the right hand, you have a classic adidas look, with white and black adorning the palm and back of the hand. The left glove is a whole different story. With PAIN written across the knuckles, and assorted tattoo designs all over the glove, you're going to make a splash displaying the hard core side of being a keeper. It even has a tiger on it, and we all know tigers are awesome. The seamless bonding of the palm gives you a great surface with which to parry and catch shots directed towards you. It also has an easy entry wrist stabilization system, giving you great support without preventing you from taking the gloves on and off. Show you opponents all sides of being a great keeper, and order yours today!

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Seamless Fingertip to palm bond

Negative cut to provide snug and seamless fit

Easy entry wrist stabilization makes it easy to put on but provides great support


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