adidas ACE Tango 17.3 TF – Solar Red/Solar Orange

Part # BY2203 by adidas

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adidas ACE Tango 17.3 TF - Solar Red & Solar Orange

Games that move to turf surfaces change the skill you have to emphasize. Instead of focusing on speed and power, you need to maintain in control at all times. When it comes to control, there's no product out there that highlights that ability more than the ACE Silo. With the adidas ACE Tango 17.3 TF you get all the great aspects of the ACE rolled into a shoe that will let your game excel on turf surfaces!

Here's what you need to know: ACE shoes are awesome. Adidas always makes a great shoe and this is another winner with an awesome color scheme. Solar Red and Solar Orange make this shoe look like you are literally blazing down the turf. Short bladed synthetic studs will keep you in control even at high speeds with the Total Control material. With a Soft, Durable control feel upper, this shoe will shape to your foot and give you the ultimate touch on the ball. Keep yourself in control of the game, and order your pair today!

If you go to the beach in your adidas Turf Soccer Shoes then it would be Surf and Turf! If only we sold swim trunks at!

Soft, durable Control Feel upper shapes to your foot for ultimate ball control

Move with high-speed control and stability on artificial turf (short-bladed synthetic fiber) with the TOTAL CONTROL outsole

Synthetic and textile upper / Synthetic lining / Rubber outsole



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