adidas ACE Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves – Checkered Flag – Black/White

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adidas ACE Trans Pro Goalie Gloves

adidas ACE Trans Pro Goalie Gloves
There is a lot of pressure resting on a goalkeepers' shoulders during a game as they have to shutdown the opposition and keep the ball away from the goal. For this incredibly hard task, goalkeepers should be equipped with the best gloves possible and that is whee adidas comes in to help. The adidas ACE Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are top class and they will be your best partners when it comes to making big time saves. These gloves are comfortable, are made of the best materials and they look great. They have it all!

The black and white color combination is a classic, but it never stops looking good as it gives these gloves an incredible style. The excellent support for the fingers and wrists will ensure that you can stop the hardest shots. These gloves are definitely some of the best in the market and you shouldn't miss out on them if you are a goalkeeper. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order now!

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EVO Zone Tech engineered palm for a comfortable fit

Specifically engineered zones on gloves designed to help maximize performance 

Negative cut for a tight and snug fit 

Close-fitting bandage with with no restrictive seams for a perfect fit 

Stretch strap for individual fit adjustments with best stabilization characteristics 

68% latex/ 32% elastane foam 

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