2023 adidas Champions League Club Soccer Ball

Part # IA0945 by adidas

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2023 adidas Champions League Club Soccer Ball

Are you to gear up and practice like a Champions League superstar? The latest adidas soccer ball has been perfected so you can train and play like your favorite global soccer superstars all season long! The anthem of the Champions League has become one of the most recognizable songs across the globe and the first two words of the anthem have become an iconic part of the tournament. The 2023 Champions League group stage soccer ball takes inspiration from the anthem with the iconic 12-star panel design that spells out "The Champions". Pairing perfectly with the star panel design is a stylish music note graphic that is found throughout the entirety of the soccer ball. A new and exciting colorway features a new look that'll bring you style and swag while you're preparing to become the next soccer super star all season long. Look, feel, and practice like the game's biggest stars with the soccer ball engineered to bring you more precision and accuracy than ever before. Throughout the high powered design you get all the best technology that is perfected for the game's up and coming players. A 100% TPU skin sits on the exterior of the soccer ball that works hard to give you control and precision unlike ever before with a closer foot to ball feeling. Machine stitched panels are found throughout the ball so you can play and practice with this ball on nearly every surface and protect the integrity of the ball all season long. A newly redesigned butyl bladder works hard to ensure your ball stays inflated and retains its shape so you can get ready to train like a superstar without any hesitations. Want to pair your soccer ball with the best gear? Shop SoccerPro's selection of adidas soccer cleats and prepare for soccer greatness today!

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