2023 adidas Champions League League Soccer Ball

Part # IA0954 by adidas

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2023 adidas Champions League - League Soccer Ball

What's music to every football superstars ears? The iconic anthem that the world's biggest superstars hear as they hit the pitch for the Champions League. The latest soccer ball from adidas comes at you for the 2023 Champions League Group stages and takes inspiration from the anthem that has become synonymous with the iconic European competition. The traditional 12-star panel makes its return this season, but now uses the words "The Champions" on each panel to bring in the inspiration and iconic words that have shaped the competition since its inception. Pairing with this iconic design is a music not graphic spread throughout the design of the ball, further emphasizing the music that has changed the champions league forever. The 2023 Champions League ball features a white, silver metallic, bright cyan, and shock purple to bring you style and precision unlike ever before this season. Skill, precision, accuracy. Engineered to help you up your game this adidas soccer ball is perfected for training and matches to bring your game to new and unreachable levels all season long. Throughout this ball we get the iconic 12-star panel design that has become a staple for the Champions League ball design bringing you more precision than ever before. A TPSE seamless exterior works hard to bring you a truer and more precise flight pattern that ensures you are ready for Champions League level competition all season long. A butyl bladder sits on the interior of the ball ensuring that your ball retains air and maintains its shape  in even the toughest moments of the season. Want to pair your soccer ball with the game's greatest essentials? Shop SoccerPro's selection of adidas soccer cleats to take you and your game to the next level!

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