2023 adidas Champions League Pro Official Match Soccer Ball

Part # IA0953 by adidas

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2023 adidas Champions League Pro Official Match Soccer Ball

The Champions. Two words that have become a staple in the world of football and aren't just spoken, but sung. This adidas soccer ball has been designed specifically for the 2023/2024 Champions League group stage with a look that pays tribute to the beautiful song that football fans far and wide easily recognize. Throughout the shell of the ball are 12 letters that spell out the Champions in a beautiful calligraphy font on the iconic 12-star panel design. Subtle music notes throughout the entire design of the soccer ball completes the eye-catching look of the ball that has been perfected for the most powerful players in the game. Ready to send your skills to the pitches of the biggest squads in Europe? This soccer ball from adidas uses all the greatest and advanced technology in the game to make sure you can show off and stand out in style this season. The high powered design features a Speedshell PU Skin with micro and macro textures that improve foot to ball contact for enhanced touch and precision with ease all season long. Using a 20-piece panel, this ball is home to enhanced aerodynamics and accuracy while improving the swerve of even your hardest shots. A CRT-core sits on the inside of the jersey to improve accuracy, retain shape, and maintain air pressure all season long. Get ready to be totally unstoppable this season with the most powerful and up-to-date ball to date!

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