adidas Classic Pro Goalkeeper Gloves – Black/Yellow

Part # BS1536 by adidas

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adidas Classic Pro Goalie Gloves

adidas Classic Pro Goalie Gloves
When in doubt, go with the classics. The adidas Classic Pro Goalie Gloves are just that; classic. These gloves are loaded with everything that makes adidas such a reliable brand in the soccer world. From the fingertips to the wrist, these gloves have got you covered. We all know how important a goalkeeper is to a team's success and these gloves are all you need to dominate between the pipes.

We are loving these gloves and you will too! The black and yellow coloring look fantastic together. The classic design of these gloves give it a sharp look. The stretch strap will add some stability and provide you an excellent fit so you are staying comfortable. There is so much to love about these gloves. Try them for yourself, and take your game to the next level!

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Seamless Touch: Through and engineered in-hand pattern, this special negative cut with latex gussets ensures a seamless touch.

Close-Fitting Bandage: A revolutionary bandage that perfectly fits most people’s wrists.

Stretch Strap: Individual fit adjustments with best stabilization characteristics are ensured by this new strap.  

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