adidas Copa Sense+ FG – Edge of Darkness

Part # GW4941 by adidas

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adidas Copa Sense+ FG - Edge of Darkness

The Copa name is one carried through the generations. The Adidas Copa Sense+ FG - Edge of Darkness continues the Copa legacy and takes it into the new modern age. It replaces the bulky soleplate with a streamline SENSEFRAME for the best balanced traction Adidas has to offer. The black laceless FUSIONSKIN upper securely wraps your foot in black PRIMEKNIT and seamlessly transitions into leather for a premium barefoot touch. To accompany the extremely comfortable leather, TOUCHPODS have been inserted along the medial and lateral side of the cleat. There's nothing quite like the Adidas Copa Sense+ FG. Be sure to grab a pair for a premium leather experience to take control!
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