adidas Ever Pro Shin Guard – Black/White

Part # CW5580 by adidas

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adidas Ever Pro Shinguard - Black/White

It can be a war in these soccer games we all love to play. You have to stay protected at all times because you simply can't tell when a hit might come that could really do some damage to you. This is why you must have your shins protected at all times and with the best gear possible. The shins are very much in harms way in this sport as you dive in trying to win balls or score goals or even head the ball. Clashes are inevitable. This adidas Ever Pro Shinguard is a really professional guard that's no-frills yet does a splendid job of protecting the wearer.

These flexible guards match the shape of your leg to defend you while on attack. The low-profile design includes a padded backing to help absorb impacts. A compression sleeve keeps them exactly where you need them. Take a look at our entire selection of soccer shinguards at!

One size fits most

95% polypropylene / 5% thermoplastic gum

EVA backing

3D flexible shield for low-profile protection

Compression sleeve holds shin guard in place


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