adidas Finale 22 Pro Official Match Soccer Ball – White & Silver Metallic with Bright Cyan

Part # HE3777 by adidas

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White & Silver Metallic adidas Finale 22 Official Match Soccer Ball

Be the star of the game with the all new Finale 22 Pro Match Ball. The Champions League is fast approaching and you'll want to be equipped with all the latest gear to prove your a soccer expert. The latest ball from adidas will serve as the match ball for the group stage of the Champions League so stars like Salah, Messi, and Haaland will be using this ball on their quest for glory. This unique match ball was inspired by the darkest depths of the universe to help your favorite players shine on the field. The all new ball features a new look and all the best technology. The vibrant graphics are paired with a 100% polyurethane upper that offers more control and precision than any ball before it. The thermally bonded and seamless surface wrap around a high-grade butyl bladder ensuring the ball stays pumped up for multiple uses. This ball has been tested for quality and perfection and it has certainly passed the test. The match ball is FIFA quality certified meaning that this ball is perfect for the stars of the game and their elite performance. The aesthetically pleasing design pairs with the best technology for an undeniable feeling of control and power. If you're still looking for a high quality soccer ball, check out the selection of adidas soccer balls SoccerPro has to offer today!

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