adidas Inside Out Copa Sense+ FG – White with Solar Yellow & Shock Pink

Part # H68120 by adidas

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Inner Life COPA SENSE+ Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

No, you did not just gain X-ray vision... adidas has just gone and done something outlandish for the new COPA SENSE+ soccer shoes. This generation of COPA's is "built from the inside out" and they took it about 13 steps further by highlighting that tech on the  OUTSIDE OF THE SHOE! The "Inner Life" COPA SENSE+ is made to be a one of a kind example of how adidas has implemented their new technology in the new COPA series. Neon accents make up the tech features on the upper along with an x-ray foot graphic on the upper and a hidden version of the same graphic in the translucent soleplate. The Inner Sense COPAs feature Sensepods which fill the open space around the heel for a more comfortable and locked down fit. Touchpods are featured in high contact areas of the shoe to give a bit more cushioning for the perfect touch. Those new features are on a hybrid Primeknit/ K-Leather upper that blends perfectly to give the wearer the best of both worlds. The last thing that has been improved since the last version are the soft injection studs on the outside of the sole plate that allows them to bend on contact with the ball. adidas soccer shoes have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a soccer cleat recently, and the new COPA SENSE Inner Life is a great representative of that. Get your limited edition Inner Life COPAs before they run out!  

When we created the Copa Sense, we worked from the inside out. We designed these limited-edition adidas football boots to highlight all of the innovation we hid beneath the surface. From Sensepods and Touchpods to the soft medial studs and anatomical fit, all the techs are laid bare in an eye-catching graphic. Of course, they’re also present when you step inside them, so you’ll instantly feel at one with the ball.
•Regular fit
•Laceless construction
•Fusionskin leather upper
•Contoured adidas Primeknit collar
•K-leather forefoot


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