adidas Istanbul Finale 23 Competition Match Soccer Ball – 2023

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20223 adidas Istanbul Finale 23 Competition Match Soccer Ball

Get ready to launch your game to levels unlike ever before with this adidas soccer ball! If you're a die-hard football fan you know that the Champions League final is on its way. Inspired by the same sweet soccer ball your favorite players are hitting the pitch with in Istanbul this spring, channeling your inner soccer superstar has never been easier. The ball brings back the iconic star panel design that has become a staple in the Champions League. Withing the panels of the ball is a carefully crafted and studied design inspired by the host nation's iconic artwork and design style. The ball will definitely stand out on the pitch this season with its vibrant orange and blue colors, so why not grab one for yourself. This soccer ball has taken power and precision to a level totally unexplored. adidas has crafted this soccer ball with some of the most influential and game-changing technology so you can hit the pitch and strike harder and faster than ever before.  The exterior of the ball is engineered with a Speedshell PU skin that is complete with micro and macro textures to make sure you have a more natural and grippy feeling on the pitch this season. A thermally bonded butyl bladder sits on the inside of the ball making sure the ball maintains its shape and air throughout the test of even the toughest matches of the season. The exterior panels feature a thermally bonded design that makes way for a smoother and truer flight pattern, giving precision a whole new meaning this season. This soccer ball is FIFA Quality Pro certified, meaning its quality is perfect for the biggest matches of the season.

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