adidas Kids Germany Home Jersey 2016-17 NS

Part # AA0138-1 by adidas

$27.99 msrp $69.99

Youth adidas Germany Home Jersey - 2016-17

There's so much to love about German soccer, where do I even start? Well, they play with the intelligence and grace of some of the best teams ever assembled. They have several of the best players currently alive on planet Earth, like Ozil, Gotze, Neuer, Kroos, and many more. Oh, and they always have one of the cleanest looks on the field. This starts with their adidas Germany Home Jersey.
In a pristine white shirt with black cuffs and collar, it's difficult to envision a sharper Germany jersey. This is the youth cut, so the kids can get involved in repping the brilliant efficiency of the German national team. That gold FIFA World Cup champions patch in the middle only makes the bragging rights easier to reference!
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