adidas Laceless Predator 20.3 FG – Shadowbeast Pack

Part # EF1645 by adidas

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Let your inner beast take over with adidas® laceless Predator 20.3 FG - Shadowbeast Pack soccer cleats from These all-black cleats have a laceless design that provides a uniform striking surface from the tip of your toe all the way up your foot. Laceless technology paired with a Demonscale 3D-print strike zone offers the best in shot consistency and ball control. Of course, traction matters more than anything else. Black laceless adidas Predators have a hybrid stud system that gives you excellent grip on firm ground surfaces, whether you’re sprinting, backpedaling, or moving laterally. Take over the match and lead your squad to victory with these high-tech, pro-quality soccer cleats. If all-black isn’t your thing, good news! Other packs are available at Discover a selection of red, blue, yellow, and orange adidas Predator Mutator soccer cleats, as well as soccer shoes and cleats from industry-leading manufacturers.
  • Laceless Construction
  • Demonscale 3-D Print Texturing
  • Mid-Cut Textile Upper
  • Hybrid Stud Configuration
  • Firm Ground Cleats

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